$21,000.00 $14,500.00

  • Adopt Japan’s double motor with strong power, the output energy is more powerful and stable.
  • Roller has 4 directions, in, out, left and right, more choice for users.
  • Three treatment handles: body, limbs&face and eyes.
  • Infrared light is imported from German.
  • It can work 24 hours continuously.
  • The machine’s paint, pipe and connector are imported from German.
  • Copper roller, more durable.
  • Block design, it can be divided, so it is convenient to install, repair and transport.

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Body shaping
cellulite removal
Naturally skin lifting&firming
Bipolar RF, vacuum
Automatic roller

fat burning –  Technical problems when buying the machine? Click here!

  • Body shaping, Body slimming, body circumference reduction, body contouring,
  • weight loss, weight reduction, Cellulite Treatment, skin tightening, wrinkle removal
  • Skin surface smooth, massage
  • eyelid area treatment
  • Skin-tightening and wrinkle removal
  • The infrared light and radio frequency can heat up the target tissue in the deep layer of the skin for proliferating the collagen and improving the blood circulation to tighten the loose skin of face and eyes round and removal the wrinkles.

How it works?

It combines Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF), Infrared Light Energy, plus Vacuum and
Mechanical Massage and the motorized rollers together.
Vacuum and specially designed rollers for the Mechanical Massage smooth the skin to
facilitate safe and efficient heat energy delivery. The net result increases the metabolism
of stored energy, increases lymphatic drainage and reduces or shrinks the size of the
actual fat cells and fat chambers.
Especially the motorized rollers working with four rolling directions: ROLL’Up,
ROLL’Down, ROLL’In and ROLL’Out. When Roll up, the roller action gently yet
intensively conditions skin tissue to eliminate fat deposits, revitalize blood and
lymphatic circulation and reactivate lipolysis The ROLL‘ In action is responsible for
more than 70% of the fat elimination. With the multiple rotational differentials of the
ROLL modalities, Mechanical MASSAGE is also able to stimulate the collagen and
elastin production and firm slackening skin when ROLL’Out and Roll’Down of the rollers




1. Ultrasonic Vacuum System

We adopts 40KHz Ultrasonic Vacuum to cause the air bubbles around fat membranes
to break up, stimulated and then metabolized out of human body by lymphatic system,
It has a perfect treatment result for weight losing.

2. 940nm Near-Infrared Laser System

This technology is the treatment manner which surgeons like most. 940nm light is not
visible and only can be seen with camera. When the laser paddles are placed on the
skin, the cold red laser beams penetrate the skin and just deep enough to reach the
layers of fat. When the light hits the fat cells, a rapid chain of events takes place.
Firstly, change cell permeability and released. The water, Glycerol and fatty acids
move into the interstitial space beneath the fatty layer in the skin. Then further water,
fatty acids and Glycerol spill out. The fat cells are therefore reduced in size and start
to reorganize.

3. Bipolar RF System

Bipolar RF makes water molecules in the fat revolve with high speed to produce
friction and shock, then triglyceride go out from fat. RF energy with 1-10M could get
to 4-15mm skin depth, which makes every layer get heat evenly. The new collagen
makes skin turn tighten. This Bipolar RF make the reorganizing fat cells connect more
closely, stimulate the collagen re-grow, avoiding flabby skin after slimming treatment.

4. Rollers System

Use Rollers to massage the skin, can promote local blood circulation,
accelerate fat metabolism, make cellulite more closely.
Transverse heated so that the role of depth is more uniform, reliable safety, make eyes
face no longer become operation area.

B & A 



LED Screen a) Main screen: 8″ TFT Chromatic Touch Screen
b) Screen of applicator
Screen of applicator 1: 2.4″
Screen if applicator 2: 1.9″
Vacuum Pulse mode
Absolute pressure 80kpa-10kpa (60.8cmHg-7.6cmHg)
Relative pressure 20kpa-90kpa (15.2cmHg-68.4cmHg)
Laser 940nm
Applicator tips 4
Net weight 60kg
RF frequency 10 MHz
Rollers speed 0-36rpm
Laser power Max 20 W
Wireless IC card management Yes
Rollers working mode 1 type
Safety Testing Mode Real-time online
Energy Density of RF Max 60J/ c m3
Rated input voltage AC230±10%, 50Hz±1Hz/
AC110V±10%, 60Hz±1Hz (optional)
The treatment area of the handpiece 4mm*7mm/ 8mm*25mm/30mm*50mm/40mm*60mm


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