Hair removal machine – GolDiode Plus

hair removalhair removal machine machine

Hair removal machine – GolDiode Plus

$37,220.00 $32,120.00

LASER Diode technology, no more burning
With the most advanced innovation to numb the treatment area, your client will be more comfortable during the low pain treatment compared to other lasers. It is quite impossible for you to burn your clients too.


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GolDiode Plus

2 in 1 machine with Diode 808 Laser and IPL –hair removal machine

FDA, CE, TUV, ISO approved

Laser Diode & IPL Technology

LASER Diode technology, no more burning
With the most advanced innovation to numb the treatment area, your client will be more comfortable during the low pain treatment compared to other lasers.

It is quite impossible for you to burn your clients too.

With good training and innovative technology, you can rest assured that your client will achieve excellent results in less treatment sessions compared to any other technology.

This system specialises purely on hair removal and it is a leap further in technological advancement, making sure you stay far ahead of all competitors in results, branding, marketing and the highest returns on investment.

  1. There are 24 laser bars altogether spreading across 2 handles. The wavelengths will not be compromised in energy produced, therefore producing better results.
  2. There are 2 switch power supply within the machine to generate each handle rather than sharing them. This will improve the performance of the machine
  3. 808 laser is in 1 handle, 1064 and 755 is another handle. Each handle has 12 super laser bars.
  4. Air conditioning and double filteration system
IPL Technolgy hair removal machine
  • Intuitive user interface designed around treatments for ease of use.
  • Touch screen.
  • Super Fast Treatment Speed
  • No Pain
  • Treat Sun Tanned Skin
  • Automatic flash setting.
  • Exceptional engineering.
  • Outstanding durability.
  • Single-pulse mode which emits energy more evenly on the treatment area, compared to IPL which focuses energy on the first pulse and can put the client at risk of burning.
  • Filtering for UV and infrared light.
  • DEC technology automatically identifies the treatment settings which simplifies operation. This also ensures maximum safety and avoids misuse of settings.
  • Higher frequency range (1-10Hz) which accelerates operation speed and shortens treatment time.
  • Professional 640-950nm wavelength which is shorter than the standard 640-1200nm, meaning it delivers precise and less painful treatments. (See Diagram)
  • Stable and consistent energy output.
  • Longer life expectancy.
  • Removes unwanted hair using Super Intense Pulsed Light.
  • Rejuvenates the skin.
  • Clears skin pigmentation.
  • Reduces wrinkles.

FDA TUV ISO13485 and Medical CE approved  

Diode laser function:
1, Much stable and higher powerful new golden welding laser module with German DILAS bars  .
It has about 20 million shots .
2, Double water filters , only change filters per 6 months and 1 year.
And some old filters in some machines need change filter every month .
Save much maintenance cost and times for you .
3, New Italy Fluid-o-tech imported water pump replaced Chinese pump with better cooling system and more quiet during treatment .
Those obvious difference will be found when your customers compare with some machines with Chinese water pump .
4, Six way power supply imported from Japan TDK-Lambda replaced four way power supply, much higher and stable output .
5, TEC cooling system , can control water temperature by yourself to keep 808 diode laser machine running continuously within 24 hours even in Summer .
Same function as your A/C in  your house .
6, There are 3 different spot size of handpeice for optional. 12*12,12*20 and 15*27mm2.
7, FDA TUV ISO13485 and Medical CE approved
IPL function :
UK Heraeus lamp with 200,000 shots
5 filters based on IPL :
1.430nm for acne treatment
2.530nm for pigmentation and spot removal
3.560nm for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, whitening, improving the flexibility of the skin and reduce the wrinkle
4.590nm for vascular lesions and red blood streak treatment.
5.640nm for hair removal


Machine type

2 in 1 multifunction machine

808nm diode laser function

Laser wavelength


Spot size

10*10mm2,12*12 mm2,10*18 mm2,12*20 mm2,12*20 mm2,15*27mm2  (optional )

Pulse width

1-400 ms (adjustable)


1-160 J/cm2 (adjustable)


1-10 Hz(adjustable)

IPL function


430/530/560/590/640~1200nm (standard)

410/420/480/510/520/580/585/610/620/690/750/755~1200nm (optional)

Treat head Spot size

15*50 mm2 , 12*30 mm2 , 12*45 mm2,8*40mm2(optional)

IPL Light Energy

10~50 J/cm2  (adjustable)

Pulse number



English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Turkish or any other language as requested

Skin type

I-VI skin type

Update system

USB update


8.4’ color touch LCD display


water + air + semiconductor + A/C


110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz


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